Turbo-charge your project management

"Holger Lörz provides project managers with an easy-to-read, realistic guide for better estimates, more solid planning and more open communication in projects. Practicality in the purest sense of the word."

- SLA, Management-Journal.de

"We believe firmly that this book is an exceptionally valuable resource for any company engaging in project work - no matter whether market leader, global player or family-run medium-sised enterprise.With his new book, author Holger Lörz finally delivers the long-awaited, condensed, comprehensive approach that digs deep into the world of companies, their productivity and their future."

- Barsch

The book explains in rigorous detail how project work can be accelerated and which are the important points to focus on. The structure is logical and the argumentation is easy to follow. The numerous examples are also feasible and easy to understand.A really worthwhile book, including for those who just want a quick overview.

- Schweppermann

The twelve best drivers of acceleration

Acceleration Factor 1


Say goodbye to the hidden time buffers in projects and the common planning practice of converting estimates into agreements.


Allocate a shared, transparent safety buffer at the end of the project. This reduces project duration by 30 %, even while still in the planning stage!

Acceleration Factor 2


Say goodbye to individual forward planning by project managers or engineers that takes place without the consensus of the project team.


Carry out joint backward planning to define the ideal starting point. Conduct project planning workshops to ensure quality is assured and the project team identifies with the plan!

Acceleration Factor 3


Say goodbye to a situation whereby many high-priority individual projects demand to be started immediately and few people have a complete overview of the project portfolio.


Multi-project planning staggered at the bottleneck, where each project has a clear sequence for the entire company!

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