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Meet Holger Lörz

"Most companies are still thinking about how to connect their IT systems instead of connecting people and processes." - Holger Lörz

Holger Lörz stands for fairness in the project business and helps companies develop and manage products up to 30% faster than before. With specially developed software and a 12-point programme inspired by the Theory of Constraints, he supports customers in freeing themselves from departmental thinking and transforming themselvs into project-based organisations.

His experience with more than 20 change projects speaks for itself. However, the qualified industrial engineer also has experience effecting change as part of a line organisation – as managing partner of his former tool manufacturing company, where he demonstrated the potential for better cooperation. He brought about a complete shift in management culture, increased the company profit by 20% within 2 years and considerably shortened the lead time of the core products.

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"Holger Lörz provides project managers with an easy-to-read, realistic guide for better estimates, more solid planning and more open communication in projects. Practicality in the purest sense of the word."

- SLA, Management-Journal.de

"We believe firmly that this book is an exceptionally valuable resource for any company engaging in project work - no matter whether market leader, global player or family-run medium-sised enterprise.With his new book, author Holger Lörz finally delivers the long-awaited, condensed, comprehensive approach that digs deep into the world of companies, their productivity and their future."

- Barsch

The book explains in rigorous detail how project work can be accelerated and which are the important points to focus on. The structure is logical and the argumentation is easy to follow. The numerous examples are also feasible and easy to understand.A really worthwhile book, including for those who just want a quick overview.

- Schweppermann

Our Team

Where project work determines the shape of day-to-day life, organisation are subject to different requirements than in series production. We at Allex Projects understand this and endeavour to work together with our customers to implement individual solutions that are focused, transparent and practical.

Dr. Jörg Priese

Wolfram Scholl

Noah Stütz

Brigitte Lörz

Thorben Wehrmann

Holger Lörz

Cornelius Gläser

Peter Irmler

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Jochen Hettmer


"Sustainable results guaranteed! The Allex Projects team laid out the root causes of our issues as part of the transformation project. The inclusion of everyone, from the plant manager to the employee, was the guarantor of sustained success."
Dr. Stephan Witt
Kampf Schneid- und, Wickeltechnik GmbH & Co. KG
"We have reduced project lead times by at least 25% and are now getting more machines on the market in less time."
Nico Teege
Plant Manager, Christof Fischer GmbH
"Now, all employees have a transparent overview of the project sequence and the order status of individual projects - currently and for the upcoming period."
Werner Schehler
Leader Project Management, GHH Fahrzeuge GmbH