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Professional project support
for organisations and executives

Upgrade your project organisation

New approaches to organisational development enable more efficient collaboration within six months.

  • Develop change and task packages
  • Identify causes of harmful behaviour
  • Make new beliefs and principles tangible within the organisation through games and simulations
  • Establish new roles and responsibilities
  • Define solutions for better communication and collaboration within the organisation
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Become an acceleration coach

Learn about the available options for influencing the reduction of development times.

  • Familiarise yourself with transformation case studies and project accelerators from other companies
  • Switch your approach from departmental thinking to a project team
  • Speed up the product development process
  • Learn why projects need a clear sequence
  • Discover what the buzzwords Industry 4.0, agile, Kanban, CCPM, lean and AI mean in the context of product business
  • Find out what to do if someone is “uncoachable”
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Reduce your development times

New methods allow more jobs to be completed with the same number of employees, with no need for them to jump back and forth between projects.

  • Faster results with a focused way of working
  • The case for getting rid of specialisation
  • Introduce agile procedures
  • Make fact-based, realistic time estimates
  • Learn what to do if resources are not approved
  • Obtain an overview of all projects
  • Introduce new metrics and incentive systems
  • Abolish counterproductive multitasking
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Manage projects successfully

Use practical case studies to familiarise yourself with the key success factors for quick, high-quality project results. With course content to suit all levels – from newcomers who’ve been thrown in at the deep end to seasoned professionals.

For beginners:
  • Initialisation of a project
  • Project planning
  • Communication and cooperation within a project
  • Project management with agile tools
  • Project completion
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For professional Project Managers:
  • Honest risk handling
  • Smooth organisation of phase transitions
  • Viewing projects in a bottleneck-oriented way
  • Making honest estimates
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"The team with Holger Lörz and Dr. Jörg Priese supported us efficiently with the implementation, with the excellent result that we achieve 20% more throughput with the same team and work together more transparently".
Marc Jobelius
Kampf Schneid- und, Wickeltechnik GmbH & Co. KG
"I was very impressed with the technically well-founded and excellently prepared contributions. I liked the very concise presentation of the key ideas of critical chain project management".
Prof. Dr. Timinger
Vice President Research and Transfer, Hochschule Landshut
"By getting in touch with Allex Projects, we received skilled and sensitive project support over the entire course of the project."
Ingo Körner
CFO, Broetje-Automation GmbH